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NICO Corporation, formed in October 2007, is dedicated to developing technology for the field of corridor surgery, including Cranial, ENT, Spinal and Otolaryngology where access to the surgical site is limited. Our technology and products are designed to progress corridor surgery by creating instruments that allow for access through smaller openings and resection of soft tissue abnormalities.

NICO develops its technology by the following core guiding principles:
  • Develop technology that addresses the unmet needs of the patient.
  • Develop technology that “levels the playing field” for the clinician so that as higher levels of procedural difficulty are encountered, the ability to address clinical outcomes remain reproducible and predictable.
  • Develop technology that addresses economic outcomes for the health care provider.
Worldwide, NICO Corporation currently has more than 70 patents issued and over 160 pending patent applications.

NICO Mission Statement
The mission of NICO Corporation is
to revolutionize minimally invasive neurosurgical care through the creation
of innovative breakthrough technologies, proper education and teamwork resulting in better clinical and economic outcomes.

NICO devices are cleared by the FDA for the following uses:

  • NICO Myriad “for the morcellation and removal of tissue during pelviscopic, laparoscopic, percutaneous and open surgical procedures whenever access to the surgical site is limited.”
  • NICO BrainPath “provides for access and allows for visualization of the surgical field during brain and spinal surgery.”

NICO Myriad and BrainPath are “tools” and are not “treatments”. These devices have been used by physicians to address soft tissue abnormalities. This webpage discusses a sampling of ways physicians have employed NICO technology. NICO Myriad and BrainPath are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, mitigate or diagnose any specific cranial, ENT, Spinal or Otolaryngologic disease, including cancer or stroke. Physicians should use their best judgment and clinical experience when deciding where to use NICO Myriad and BrainPath. Full prescribing information for the NICO Myriad and BrainPath is available on the products page of this website.


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